Saturday, September 11, 2010

How It Works

I can do these for anyone, it doesn't have to be just for Ethiopian adoptions and can be for  
gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms/dedications, or just for your own decor.  
Basically you just choose the theme, images, words, colors, and additional extras and I'll get it done for you quickly.  

The Base:  Stretched Canvas (100% cotton & acid free) 

The Sizes:   Large:     16 x 20 inches
                    Medium:  11 x 14 inches
                    Small:        8 x 10 inches

The Colors:  Whatever you want and however many colors you need.  You can send me a picture of the colors you want and I can match them or just tell me the color scheme.

The Images:  Again, whatever you want, but generally silhouettes work best.  You can email me images as well.  

The Words:  Whatever words are meaningful to you or tie your theme together.  The words can be painted on printed and placed on via Mod Podge.  This works especially well if you have verses, paragraphs, stories, etc that you want incorporated.

The Extras:  Some ideas to make the piece more 3D and textured...buttons, beads, wooden letters painted or left natural, ribbon, etc.

The Finished Product:  Sealed with a layer of Mod Podge to hold everything in place and give it a symmetrical look.

The Cost:  There are a few options.  (see shipping costs below)
   Single Large     $35.00
   Single Medium  $30.00
   Single Small      $25.00

Or you can combine 2 or more sizes at lowered rates  (ex: 1 Medium + 2 Small =  $50.00)
   Combo Large       $25.00
   Combo Medium   $20.00
   Combo Small       $15.00

Add-Ons will depend on what you would like and will just be whatever the cost of the add-on is.

Shipping Cost:  I will ship however you would like.  I found that the small and medium canvas will fit in the Medium Flat Rate Box through USPS and would cost $10.00.  I can fit a few in each box too.  I will look into other ways as well but that gives you an idea.
SO, lets get started!!!!

I can be reached via email at

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